Best Streaming Audio Recorder Software Picks [Free Sound Recording Tips]

Streaming audio recorder software does exactly what the name entails. It records system and streaming sound using the streaming audio recorder software. However, capturing the sounds and record them from the computer are not as simple as it should be.

You may want to turn into your favorite ringtone recording part of a beautiful song or you may prefer to use a clip (audio) from a video. Streaming audio recorder software allows and makes it easier for you to record all kinds of sounds that a computer creates.


Best Streaming Audio Recorder Software Picks [Free Sound Recording Tips]


As a streaming audio recorder, Free Sound Recorder can certainly help for a superior music experience as it’s a great tool. It actually offers you to record different types of streaming audio from video platforms, music sites, and capture sound from chats (audio) or radio stations easily. It also provides various types of audio format outputs such as FLAC, MP3, WMA, AAC, etc. for playing portable devices and music players effortlessly.

If you want to listen to your favorite music program that Internet radio stations or websites, then recording would be a good option for playback later. You can simply record with the right software, from numerous sources of audio on the internet to build up a digital music collection.  Here are a few programs (audio) that can record audio (streaming) from the web to create desired audio files between different audio formats.


Best Streaming Audio Recorder Software Picks


Record Audio from the Online Stream

The efficient and innovative Free Sound Recorder is useful to record from a numerous resource of online music and it complies with all the copyright laws as well. Free Sound Recorder is legal to use, helps you record your favorite music from various music stations and internet radio for personal use for free.

Smart and Best Audio Recording Tool Ever

With our smart audio recorder, all the processes are completed automatically, so you just need to do your settings to perform all the tasks. That is why you can carry on all of your other activities by simply setting up the recording process and you’ll discover your favorite recorded tracks on the system in no time.

Record Audio in a Very High Quality

Do you actually know how to preserve your favorite song from various music sites (streaming) for enjoying the flexibility, record your voice (own) or others for making a tutorial (live) or record meeting narration? You really have one stop solution if you use our audio recorder software as it can record any sound from your microphone and computer simultaneously. It will be saved in a very high quality and you can play on your gadgets, share with others and upload to different music lover communities.

Program for Hands-Free and Long-Time Recording

It can create a schedule for the recording of a pre-defined source and automatically start and stop recording as per requirements. You can do these types of recording as per your needs (daily or weekly or just once) from your desktop or website. So, you’ll never miss anything from now on if you’re not even present there.

Silent Recorder

During the sound recording process, you need to raise the volume of your music. It uses the highest Technology and features which directly record from the audio (core) making the actual quality of your audio super high.


How to Record the Internet Streaming Audio with Best Streaming Audio Recorder Software?


It would be really nice if you could listen to music off/on internet stations (radio). In fact, you can record any sound passing through the speakers (computer) with our sound recorder which is like your dream come true. You don’t need the requirements for stream formats or server types for the recording. Free Sound Recorder will be convenient for them who love radio broadcasts (internet). To record perfectly, you just need to follow these steps:


Download Free Sound Recorder



Step One. Activate Your Web Radio Recorder / Start Streaming Audio

Download, install and launch the Free Sound Recorder, the best streaming audio recorder software. Pick a radio station that you prefer from the drop-down menu, click the arrow (drop-down) on your radio player. You can hear the sound as the radio player starts buffering. To activate your radio recorder (web), you’ve to click “Record” button.

However, if you want to record music from other services or record music on YouTube and other video sharing websites, you can go to directly start streaming the music/audio you want.


Activate Your Web Radio Recorder / Start Streaming Audio


(If you need to record an entire song without missing any part from the very beginning, we suggest you start streaming after you hit the record button in “Step Four”)


Step Two. Choose Sound Card & Sound Source

Find “Microphone Volume” clicking the “Show mixer window” button from the drop-down list of “Recording Mixer”. You’ve to select the right recording device from the drop-down menu of “Recording Device”. Then, you’ve to adjust the balance and volume.


Choose Sound Card & Sound Source


Step Three: Adjust the Recording Settings

To activate your “Options” window, just click “Options”. You have to specify a particular format (output) among WMA, MP3, OGG and WAV. To adjust the quality of the recording, click “Settings” to specify the parameters (configuration) and the presets. To select your output folder, you need to click “Change”. You can also auto-name the file (recorded) by time and date.



Adjust the Recording Settings


Step Four: Start Recording

To start the recording, just click “Start recording” and to stop, you’ve to click “Stop recording”. The output (recorded sound) will be directed to the output folder and listed (with necessary information) in the file list like location, file name, duration as well as time. You may play your recording with the player (built-in).


Start Recording


User Questions & Answers


User Questions & Answers


Q: What is actually streaming audio?

A: It’s a one-way transmission (audio) over a network (data). It’s widely used on the company networks and the web to play Internet radio and audio clips. Home networks (computer) mostly stream music audio to connect to home theaters (digital media hubs). Streaming audio starts to play after only a small amount is received unlike files (sound) that are played after the file (entire) has been downloaded & stored, and the data (audio)are not permanently stored in the computer.


Q: What if I want to record program like online radio? Does the recorder tool automatically start the recording?

A: Free Sound Recorder provides an efficient setting for recording (time-triggered). Interestingly, you can set the time and date precisely to start the recording, so you’ll never miss your favorite show (radio broadcast) from now on.

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