Tutorial – How to Customize Browser Interface?


Customize your Browser like IE & Firefox interface to make it more convenient and neat to find and use Free Sound Recorder and other tools. It’s up to you that how they appear in browser:

Options to Customize Browser Interface

A: You can add or remove buttons.

B: Use icons or full text buttons.

C: Add other useful components.

To customize Free Sound Recorder toolbar, click the down arrow next to the logo. You can use the Shrink Toolbar option of the dropdown menu to turn the toolbar interface into just icons.

Customize Browser Interface

Add or Remove Features

To add or remove features from the Free Sound Recorder toolbar interface:

1. Click Toolbar Options.

Select Toobar Options
2. In the Personal Components tab, you can choose additional useful components to add extra features.

Personal Components Tab3. In the Predefined Components tab, you can check or uncheck these predefined components to add or remove buttons from Free Sound Recorder.

Predefined Components Tab
4. Experiment with the other options too.

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