Tutorial – How to Use Voice Active System?

Free Sound Recorder provides smart VAS (Voice Active System) for you to automatically distinguish silence from the signals detected. A voice activated system is a hands-free, voice activated recording system. With this voice recognition tool, you can choose to skip silent passages, or stop the recording after a certain amount of silence.

Step 1. Activate the Options Window

Launch Free Sound Recorder & click “Options” to activate the options window.

Activate the Options Window


Step 2. Set the Parameters of VAS

Choose “Voice Active System”. Check “Recording without silence”. Then, you can set some parameters of VAS: Attack Time, Attack Level & Release Time & Release Level. If a detected signal is under the Attack Level for more than Attack Time, beginning of that spot in the audio will be considered the beginning of silence. If the signal is above the Release Level for more than Release Time, beginning of that spot in the audio will be considered the end of silence. Click “OK” to save your settings.

Set the Parameters of VAS


Silence Definition

For very quiet high quality audio, the Attack Level and Release Level value will be lower (like -60dB). For noisier audio, the value may be much higher (like -30dB).

If audio is above this given threshold for more than the number of milliseconds given, audio will be considered valid and not silence. Use higher values for Release Time to ignore short periods of audio (like clicks, static, or other noise). If this value is too high however (above 200ms), short words may be skipped.

Silence Definition

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